I hope that you are all healthy and safe as we navigate through this unprecedented time. We have gotten a lot of questions about rides and events. We, out of caution, worked with CAAM and the Justin’s Wings group to Postpone the riding for Heroes event this weekend, as it would have resulted in additional travel and interactions that currently should be limited.

Regarding group rides, the decision is a little more complicated. After discussion with various club members and a physician who is a club member, and review of available literature, as well as other local clubs, we have decided to


majority of the local cycling clubs are all announcing cessation of club group rides for now (Please see these home pages for nearby cycling clubs: southbrowardwheelers.com, floridafreewheelers.com and nfbc.us) . Tribikerun in Juno has suspended their group rides (https://www.tribikerun.com/pages/tbrevents).

We have also attached several articles written recently from bicycling.com one of which includes tips for solo rides.

-How to Ride Safely During Corona
-Cycling During Corona

This decision was not an easy one, but one we felt was in the best health and safety interest of our members and their families. For more information please see the following links

-Encouraging Cycling During The Corona Lockdown
-USA Cycling Message

Our recommendation is that you ride solo. If you are going to ride in a group, your group members should be people whom you know really well, and that you are confident of their travel history and exposure risk.

We will continue to accept feedback, and will continue to monitor news and other information that is available and hope to be able to resume group ride activities as soon as possible.

Stay safe and stay healthy.


"We have some of the most amazing people in our club! Whether we are local or travel to events, they are all extremely supportive and awesome mentors! Our ladies events are a blast as well! Thank you TCCA for the fun and support on the road and off."

"Instantly welcomed! Amazing athletes who looked out for me on the first few rides. Safety first, giving tips. Class act."

"Great group, stable and safe. Just about always a bit of socializing after a ride."

"Great group of cyclists, very warm and friendly and helpful."

"Wonderful group of amazing people who inspire you and coach you to be your best!"